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At DigiFin, I take your ideas and give them the Digital Finish – DigiFin!

I help you design and create content via stunning visuals for your marketing, promotions, and website or just for social media.  I do this with creative video design; original editing as well as eye popping photography that make your audience sit forward and engage more with you or your business.

I love a challenge and love to be pushed to fulfill your wildest creative dreams.  Visually engaging and alluring video has been proven to lure a greater interactive and captive audience to your story.  Social media platforms are ever more important and this is an area I excel at – just see my testimonials.   This in turn provides you with a stronger opportunity to grow your business and customer base ensuring you’re in the best content health possible as our world becomes more reliant on a strong digital presence.

I not only invite as much creative direction as possible from you but can be fully relied upon to develop a small brief into something jaw dropping that will bring your narrative to life.

If you can dream it then I can bring it to the big (and small) screen and have worked with practically every industry in order to tell a story for a product, brand, business or a person.

I have been in the business for years and I’m all about providing the cutting edge in technology melded with the most creative visuals.  If you can think it, I can deliver it.

The creative process is handled by one person – Lee Axon (me).  I am the photographer, the videographer, the drone maverick and the editor.  I handle lighting, sound and everything else.  You’re not paying for someone to stand around with an iPad to tell someone else what the next shot is!  This saves you a huge amount of money.

I originally started years ago shooting exclusively on iPhone XS, 11 Pro and 12 Pro Max.  For a while now I have been shooting on 2 dedicated Sony full frame cameras – the A74 and the A7Siii.  I am completely self taught.

I can also elevate your ideas from the sky with stunning drone footage to fully encapsulate the magnitude of your business or brand where applicable.  Can you imagine your location viewed from above with a fresh sunset rising?  I currently fly with DJI Mavic Air 3, Air 2S, and both Avatas.  I have insurance and my license. 

I’ve always had an obsession with film and imagery and have grown up surrounding myself with the best (and worst) examples of cinema in order to fuel my knowledge as well as light the fire for delivering outstanding and memorable content that your competitors envy and your audience adores. 

I pride myself on shaping strong, long lasting relationships and friendships with my clients because getting to know you and your business is crucial to developing the best results possible for you.  Please refer to my testimonial page.