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Everything you need to know and everything you didn’t even realise you did with regards to what I do for my customers.

Pricing and Services Video.  It makes sense for a video creator to have a video doesn’t it?

Firstly welcome and thanks for your interest.  In my current Pricing and Services video I answer all of your questions on pricing, editing and generally what it is I do. This video supersedes any previous video.

00:00 Intro

00:40 What I do and how I price

04:45 Weddings (*as of April 2024 I no longer cover weddings)

08:20 Editing

10:00 Thanks and final thoughts

End – bloopers

I also recommend you check out my Testimonials page on this website to see what real people at real businesses or events say about me.

I have an hourly rate of £75 which includes VAT.  There’s nothing to add on top of that £75.  Why and how I have this rate is on my pricing video on this page.

*April 2024 – I now offer FPV drone fly through for businesses.   This starts at £250 and will be based upon the complexity and danger of the flight.  I still have my £75 hourly rate for travel to the location, time on the location and editing.  The £250+ is a fixed price on top of my additional service costs because of the danger involved, the creative precision required and the fact I have spent thousands of hours perfecting this skill.  Drones are not free, insurance is not free, my licence wasn’t free and my time isn’t free.  This type of video has the potential to send your social media viral.  This is a very rare skill that hardly anyone is offering.   As with anything in life, if you can get it cheaper you should go for it.

You do not get a discount because you know someone who knows me or has used me.

Information you should be aware of below which is not featured on the video.

I own the copyright to everything I shoot, edit and provide.

I do not provide raw footage.

Again. I do not provide raw footage.

A video demo of our project is provided to you on an unlisted YouTube link and will be heavily watermarked.  Once signed off I will produce an invoice and on payment of that invoice I will provide you with a finished video via WeTransfer.

The video I provide is not open to unlimited revisions or re-edits.  You may provide one lists of changes for your initial feedback.  At that point I hold creative control on how the final video will be presented.  I’m the editor not you.  I appreciate your input from the start and it’s welcomed, but far too many people think they’re Stephen Spielberg and have absolutely no concept of the time it takes to create a story through editing. 

For photos I will send you a few images as proof the work is done but these will be heavily watermarked.  The same process applies for payment.  I send an invoice and you pay in order to receive the images.

I do not send a finished video / photo project without payment first.  

As of April 1st 2024 I will be invoking a ‘feedback delay policy’ into all of my content delivery in order to speed up the process of sign off.  Once I have provided you with your video / photos to review, you will have a 7 full day (not working day) window to get feedback to me and for us to get this project signed off.  If the project is not signed off within 7 days of you receiving it you will be charged an extra £75 per week until it is.

I turn work around faster than anyone else.

If you have any questions my contact details are at the top of every page near the header.

This is my latest showreel 14.  You will find my Showreel 13 on my Video page and Showreel 12 on my Photography page and a collection of showreels on one of my Blog pages.   You will find everything on my Instagram (link at the top of every page) including a variety of ‘behind the scenes’.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive – wait until you hire an amateur.


  • Art
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Baby Facilities
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Estate Agents
  • Fashion
  • Food Production
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interviews
  • Musical Talent
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Education
  • Self Help Courses
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Weddings

High quality equipment to deliver the best results

I use stunning 4k video capture as well as 5k drone film as well as photography to offer the highest possible quality. My turnaround on projects is at the bleeding edge of customer service. You will not wait months for your video or photography content.

I fully realise that time is a precious resource and commodity in today’s marketplace and because I have embraced your vision, I am fully committed to providing you with a finished product of the highest quality as soon as possible.

Trust me – I want to see the end result as much as you!

At DigiFin I understand that video is key to your business’ growth pattern and can be relied upon 100% to deliver your dream product. Simply refer to testimonials from my previous clients or take a look at my content to make your own mind up.