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It’s important that you can visualise clearly what a content creator is cable of.  With this in mind, the confident and accomplished creators will give you access to many demonstrations of their work.  We call these ‘showreels’.

I urge you to be cautious of any content creator that cannot demonstrate a workflow that they’re asking you to pay for.

I have been making showreels since the beginning of Digifin and continue to create my own marketing to help highlight what I do.  Below are my 3 last showreels.

Within them you’ll see a variety of real work (not stock footage), real clients (not mates) and also my editing style.  They also feature demonstrations of video and photography from the ground and the air.  You may also see the odd easter egg :)  Please ensure you have your sound turned up or you’re wearing headphones.

At the bottom you will also see a dedicated photography demo as well.

All of my contact details are at the top of every page.  My website includes pricing, photos, videos and testimonials.

Thank you for your interest.  Lee.